Born2Fly: October 2014

“ISIS” and “good news” in the same sentence?
You don’t often see “ISIS” and “good news” in the same sentence….but we have some:

We’re about to translate our anti-trafficking curriculum into Arabic and will partner with organizations in the Middle East to teach it to kids who’ve fled ISIS’ brutality.

Not only is ISIS enslaving children and women (read about that on and but the thousands of children who’ve fled their horror are also at risk for trafficking. Whenever there’s a crisis, traffickers are right there to take advantage. Displaced children are roaming the streets hungry and begging — just ripe for traffickers.

Our upcoming Arabic-language translation of Born2Fly will soon reach kids before the traffickers do in Lebanon, Turkey, and other countries in the Middle East where thousands have fled. In fact we’ve already heard from organizations who’ve registered to teach B2F as soon as the translation is complete.

Here’s what they’ve told us:
“We’ve been presented with an opportunity to train leaders working with refugees in Lebanon and Turkey in trauma care and trafficking prevention.”

“We’re looking for prevention material local leaders can use in refugee camps.”

“[Our goal is to] prevent trafficking of displaced persons due to the ISIS crisis in the Middle East.”

Arabic will be our 11th translation and the timing could not be more perfect. Thank you for your donations and prayers that have made this possible. Together we really are reaching kids before the traffickers do.

And that is good news.

Diana Scimone
The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking