Born2Fly Update August 2014

At this very moment B2F’s team of 3 young justice seekers is in India and Nepal to be part of our anti-trafficking work in those countries.

They raised all their own funds for the trip and even got corporate sponsors. I’m very proud of them and hope this is the 1st of many such B2F teams as we mentor the next generation of freedom fighters.

Fighting trafficking in Europe
Yesterday I met with Jennifer Tunehag with the European Freedom Network. Her team is hosting a Europe-wide conference this fall of more than 120 anti-trafficking organizations from 29 countries.

Many of them have already registered to teach B2F to their kids, but at the conference they’ll all hear about our free anti-trafficking materials.

Europe has a huge trafficking problem (destination and source countries) so this is a strategic way to help organizations there with their efforts to reach kids before the traffickers do.

Using radio to reach millions of kids
Our anti-trafficking radio program in India is in its 4th month, reaching 80 million kids and parents a week with a strong trafficking prevention message. Thank you to our donors who fund this broadcast!

It’s such a success that we’re launching another anti-trafficking radio program that can be used around the world. Many organizations are asking for it.

You can read more here. Huge thanks to our wonderful donor who funded this innovative new program!

Training the trainers
In the Philippines, our partner organization has been teaching B2F in creative ways for 3 years. Organizations in other countries have asked them to come and train them to do that. It’s a strategic opportunity and B2F is hoping to help them fund a full-time worker to do this.

And next month B2F is partnering with Light Nepal to use our materials to train leaders in remote villages where girls are taken and sold across the border into India.

Around the world
Your support makes all these amazing stories possible–thank you! As you know, B2F is a small organization with just one full-time staff person (me) — but thanks to you we’re making a strategic impact around the globe.

Some of these programs, like our radio broadcasts, are completely funded. Others rely on YOUR regular donations to keep going. There’s so much more we can do. We have no end of strategic opportunities to reach kids and protect them from ruthless traffickers. Honestly we’re just limited by funds.

Child trafficking is real. Would you make a donation today to help us keep kids from being bought and sold like animals?

We are so grateful to you. You really are helping us reach kids before the traffickers do.